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Theatrixx X-Vision LED panels lead the digital display industry with features including:

Amazing HD Video Images

Using real-time processing and stringent LED quality control, xVision from Theatrixx renders both colors and video imagery more accurately than anyone. While most LED video panel systems rely on a complex scaling and compression devices and a lengthy signal chain, Theatrixx believes the straightest, shortest signal path is superior and, as a result, xVision boasts a less distorted video image with less than 5 milliseconds latency. Every LED chip fabricated into an xVision video panel is carefully selected to ensure optimal performance conformity and repeatable results. Once assembled, xVision panels are burned-in for 96 hours and then painstakingly calibrated with Theatrixx own state-of-the-art equipment to produce the most consistent panel-to-panel color in the industry.

Seamless Display Surfaces

As LED video panel pixel-pitches become tighter and viewing distances get closer, a continuous display surface with no apparent cracks or joints is required. Each xVision panel is cast into an extremely rigid aluminum frame, producing a much smaller tolerance for gaps and deformations compared to products using extrusions and folded metal frames. The cast edges are then precisely ground to within a tenth of a millimeter of the required dimensions. Proper adjustments ensures the screen looks seamless from any angle.

Fast and Safe Rigging Setup

Time is limited in the AV and commercial markets, where tight production deadlines dominate the industry. WIth its quick connectors and tool-less magnetic rigging system, xVision Touring was engineered for efficiency – reducing setup times and maintenance.

User-Friendly Controls, Supports Most Media Players

The xVision Control operating software is versatile, scalable and, most importantly, easy to use. With features such as real-time monitoring, current limiting and an optional automatic brightness controller, xVision Control can handle the most demanding applications.

Reliable Data Connection and Power Links with Ultra-Quiet Cooling

Theatrixx xVision replaced RJ45 and HDMI connectors – which were never designed for heavy industrial use – with their own proprietary XVT connector. Offering over 25 times the mating lifetime of an RJ45, their XVT offers better electrical and mechanical connectivity, an IP65 rating, positive locking and no screws or aligning pins. And, because power and data connectors share the same parts, the XVT is much easier to quickly service in the field.

Fully Interchangeable Modules – regardless of pixel pitch


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